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Do you want software from the guys that wrote the book
or the guys that read the book? Really.  It's that simple.

The second edition of the book "CD and DVD Forensics" is now available.

InfinaDyne provides software to the world's leading government agencies, law enforcement and forensic investigators..
InfinaDyne has been in existence since 1996 providing support to its customers and providing products to enable them to do their jobs.
With government agency testing and many successful prosecutions behind us, we know we can answer your needs.

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CD/DVD InspectorCD/DVD Inspector

Version 5 now available!
Professional software for intensive analysis and extraction of data from CD and DVD media. Tailored for professionals in data recovery, forensics, and law enforcement. Building on the technology in CD/DVD Diagnostic, it adds detailed displays and an enhanced media search abilities, improving performance and usability.

Fully compatible with Windows XP SP2 through Windows 10.

Software Assurance

We started this program nearly two years ago but questions still keep coming in about it.  What it is and why does it affect you?

Applies to all forensic software products priced over $50.

Rescue DriveRescue Drive
The answer for many sorts of problems accessing optical media.

Click for more information.

Video Indexer (Vindex) 2.0Vindex box

Vindex is a new product from InfinaDyne that can change the way you work.  Click the box to read more about this new product and what it can do for you.

Do you have to look at video files?  If so, Vindex can save you time.  Now with Video Enhancement!



CD/DVD InspectorRobotic Loader Systems

Utilizing the latest CD/DVD Inspector capabilities together with disc handling hardware from a number of manufacturers, InfinaDyne has the complete solution for your organization to tackle the ever increasing amount of seized media.

Systems available for all budgets and requirements.

Flash Retriever Forensic Edition

Flash Retriever ForensicRecover pictures and files from all types of flash media.  Create hashed image files, restore image files to media.

Simple, yet effective data recovery includes sophisticated data carving.

Fully compatible with Windows XP SP2, Vista, Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.



ThumbsDisplay is a tool for examining and reporting on the contents of Thumbs.db files used by Windows.  This is the only tool we know of that will print a full-page version of thumbnail images without any other graphics programs being required.  It will also copy individual thumbnails and print three different format reports.

CD and DVD ForensicsCD and DVD Forensics

Second edition now available.

A book by Paul Crowley covering many of the aspects of CD and DVD forensics. This book is built on the training class that is offered by InfinaDyne.


Status LightRobotic System Status Light

This displays the status of CD/DVD Inspector especially when used with a Robotic Loader system.

Disc Classification Utility
Quickly sort discs in the field and eliminate discs which cannot contain evidence.

AccuBurn-R for CD/DVD Inspector

AccuBurn-R has been functionally enhanced to assist forensic professionals with CD and DVD evidence.  Now, AccuBurn-R for CD/DVD Inspector will produce exact copies of discs that have been imaged using CD/DVD Inspector.  All types and formats of discs are supported, including VCD, Karaoke, DVD Video (unprotected) and user-written drag-and-drop discs.

Note that this is not the same product as the consumer version of AccuBurn-R.  The consumer version of AccuBurn-R does not have the ability to write discs from CD/DVD Inspector image files.



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