Software Assurance

Previously, InfinaDyne offered customers a discounted price for purchasing a new version of a product if they had the earlier version.  This was called "upgrade pricing".  There were a number of problems with this program and a lot of customers did not understand it, and often did not know they were eligible while it was in effect.

In September 2013 this was replaced with Software Assurance.  For a fee of approximately 18% of the current list price of the product customers of any of the forensic products can automatically receive the next version of a software product when it is released.  This fee must be paid annually within 30 days of the product purchase anniversary.  If there is a lapse of 1 year or less a customer can "catch up" this lapse by paying a 66% additional fee.

How this works is as follows.  A customer buys CD/DVD Inspector for $699 and is covered automatically for one year.  On the anniversary of the product purchase they have the option of buying an additional year of Software Assurance for 18% of $799 is $144.  On each successive anniversary 18% of the then-current price of CD/DVD Inspector can be paid to continue the program.  Should it not be paid for the third year (second payment), it can be paid late to catch up for the increased price of $240, but this must be done within that year.  We can extend this catch-up, but it quickly becomes simpler to just buy a new full-price license.

This applies to major version upgrades only.  If you purchase CD/DVD Inspector version 5.0 when version 5.1 is released all users are eligible to download it immediately, regardless of their participation in Software Assurance.  When version 6.0 is released all customers currently participating in Software Assurance will have the ability to download version 6.0 immediately upon its release and have their dongles updated to version 6.0 as well.  This dongle update can be done via email.

Can this be prepaid at the time of the purchase?  Yes, and there are several advantages to this.  The biggest one is that the price is fixed at the then-current price at that time, regardless of any future price changes. 

What if this is not selected?  What is the upgrade price when the next major version is released?  The answer here is simple - there is no more upgrade pricing available.  If you are not participating in the Software Assurance program then to receive the next major version the full license price will be applicable.

Contact Sales at or your reseller for more information about this.  All prices on this page are for example only and do not necessarily reflect current pricing for products.

Note: if you have purchased your software from a reseller and the reseller does not register your customer information with InfinaDyne, there is a very limited amount we can do for you.  We cannot upgrade your purchase automatically, regardless of your participation in Software Assurance.  We can (try to) work with the reseller, but our ability to connect a particular software license to a particular customer is very limited when the customer information is not registered with us at time of purchase.