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VIC Monitor

Answer questions about network resources,
just like a 24x7 IT person could.
Get informed when services are back
and available without constantly checking.


CD/DVD DiagnosticCD/DVD Diagnostic 3.0
The #1 data recovery software!  Recovers lost data, photos, files, music and more from CDs and DVDs. Now supports DVD recorder discs!  More tools, more features and more capable than the competition.
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Flash RetrieverFlash Retriever recovers pictures, movies and other files from flash media.

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Accurately burns data to CD and DVD (all types).
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CD-R VerifierCD-R Verifier
Fast, easy way to check CDs and DVDs using MD5 hash values
Recognized as a production tool for quality assurance.
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“This page should be bookmarked by everybody with a CD-R drive”
- Chicago Tribune

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