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Does your business depend on the availability of some service provided through the Internet? There are plenty of those out there, everything from POS services to simply relying on email to stay in touch with past customers and prospective new customers.

Do you have an IT person on call 24x7 that can tell you what the problem is when things don't work?  Maybe you need VIC!  VIC can tell you when there is a problem and help to identify the source of the problem.  Is it your equipment, or it is something different?  And when it is somewhere else, when is it fixed?

What is VIC?

VIC (Vital Internet Connection) Monitor is a tool that tells people when something is wrong.  It can easily be set up to check on the connection to the Internet and other network resources that your business relies on.

It tells people there is a problem with both email and display lights.  You can have a light that is red when there is a problem and green when there is not.  The email that is sent out says more in detail what the problem is but can also be tailored for different recipients.

What Does VIC Do?

VIC runs on any computer in the background.  There is nothing that happens on that computer at all.  You can connect one or more display lights to the computer, but they do not even have to be very close to the computer.  VIC is just something that hides away and does his job.

VIC uses the computer network, wired or wireless, to check on various network resources and report on them.  If nothing is wrong, you won't even know VIC is there.  When something is wrong, it tells you where the problem is.  Is it your Internet connection or is it a company providing services to you that has a problem?  VIC knows the answer and sends email out about it.

Let's take the example of a store that processes credit cards.  If your Internet provider is having problems, you can't process credit cards.  How do you know if it is your Internet connection or your credit card processor?  VIC knows.  How does your staff know when everything is working again?  VIC knows.

How about a light that is next to the computer used for processing sales and it is either red (trouble) or green (everything OK).

How Do I Get VIC Working for Me?

VIC is very simple.  It is a software product that can be downloaded and start sending email immediately.  A display light has to be shipped to you and it can be a few days to get that.  It just plugs into any USB port on the computer.

There are several display lights that work with VIC and the selection depends on where you want to put the light and how it can be mounted.  Some of the lights can be bigger and very bright whereas others are smaller and a bit dimmer.  Mounting it can be just on a desk or counter, foam tape, or a magnet are different possibilities.  Some of the lights can have very long cords on them as well.  Give us a call and we can help pick out the right light for you.

If you need help configuring VIC, Infinadyne can help you out, probably just over the phone.  If needed, we can use a remote connection tool to install and configure VIC for you at no additional charge.

More Information about VIC

VIC Monitor can be installed on any Windows computer or server and can utilize email to notify people as well as making use of several display lights to inform people when there is a problem. Or even just that everything is working fine.

Any service that can be connected to via the Internet can be monitored. This means everything from phone systems to home automation devices can be checked to see if they are operating properly.

The two versions of the product listed above for purchase are just a sample of what is available.  Please contact Infinadyne Sales either by phone or email for further product availability, such as longer USB cables or multiple indicator lights.  We can get you set up with what you need.

Click for the User Guide for VIC Monitor

VIC Monitor for Windows supports all versions of Windows beginning with Windows 7.  It requires minimal memory or disk space, so it should be usable with any computer running Windows: desktop, laptop, tablet, or server.  VIC Monitor for Windows requires a x86 or amd64 processor.  A version for Linux (Raspberry Pi) is planned.

VIC Monitor requires a connection to the Internet for operation and licensing purposes.


VIC Monitor can be purchased with a variety of different indicator lights, depending on your needs.  Some are larger or brighter than others.  Or, the software can be purchased without any lights.

Software alone is distributed electronically and you can have it the same day, often within an hour or less.

Software with the BlinkStick Square indicator light can take as little as two days or as much as two weeks, depending on stock availability of the light device.  Other lights are more expensive but may have greater availability.  Amazon sells one of the supported lights, so it can be delivered separately within a couple of days.

Selection of a light should also be guided by the brightness needed and mounting you may want to use.  The Blinklight Square device can be mounted anywhere with foam tape or a magnet.  The light from Amazon is from a company called Embrava and it is recommended not to be mounted but just sit on a desk or counter.  Another light is from Delcom and it can have a magnet affixed to it and optionally have a very long cord for mounting high up, even on the ceiling.

Please contact Infinadyne sales to discuss options with indicator lights.