CD/DVD Diagnostic
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CD/DVD Diagnostic is Windows 10 compatible
CD/DVD Diagnostic
CD/DVD Diagnostic
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Analyzed and purchased by corporations, institutions, and government agencies around the world.  Check our client roster, and youíll see respected companies and institutions that chose CD/DVD Diagnostic to recover their valuable data.  They didnít take a chance on an expensive recovery service, or an unknown software company with an ineffective product and support.  This product was formerly known as CD-R Diagnostic.  Check Google for both CD-R Diagnostic and CD/DVD Diagnostic and see since 1997 this product has been recovering data and examining CDs and DVDs.  CD/DVD Diagnostic also supports HD DVD and Blu-Ray DVDs.  CD/DVD Diagnostic is the latest version of the original CD recovery product released in 1997.

The folks at Softpedia have awarded CD/DVD Diagnostic their 100% Clean award again.  The version 3.0.0 build 45 was tested  Click here to read their page about this product.  We have never included spyware or adware with our products and stand behind all of our products 100%.  CD/DVD Diagnostic has passed Microsoft's testing for Windows 7 compatibility.

There are now two versions of CD/DVD Diagnostic: with and without video recovery.  If you have a DVD camcorder or stand-alone video recorder you need the Video Recovery feature.  If you are just recovering data from CDs or DVDs you can purchase the new, lower-cost version without the Video Recovery feature.  If you purchase the wrong product and need the Video Recovery feature please contact Infinadyne sales at 1-888-759-0600 or +1-480-963-2390 to exchange your purchase.

In order to recover video you must have a DVD writer.  If you do not, we can either do the recovery for you or advise you about purchasing a DVD writer.


Finds the files, bypasses problems, gets your data and video back.
Unlike other products that search for pictures, CD/DVD Diagnostic understands how the disc was written and bypasses the problems, recovering all your files no matter what they are.  Risk Free.

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Professionals seeking more forensic capabilities; please review CD/DVD Inspector.


If you have previously purchased CD/DVD Diagnostic (version 2) and want to upgrade to 3.0, please contact InfinaDyne sales.  The upgrade price of $25 is available only through InfinaDyne directly.


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