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User-friendly verification tool comparing the contents of a CD or DVD with the master offering:  Yes, this product originally was designed for CDs and was released long before there were any DVDs.  Same tool, now supports CDs, DVDs and even Blu-Ray discs.  This product is used by a number of disc publishing companies to verify the disc they are producing matches what the hardware manufacturer has specified putting in the box with the hardware.  This product is also in use in military applications to verify discs before they are used in military applications... I'll leave you to figure out what a "military application" of a CD or DVD might be.  Hint: is isn't watching movies.

Checks completely in less than five minutes per disc, reading the entire disc as fast as the drive can provide the data.  This means a 40x drive will be used at 40x.  Other techniques require a lengthy process, up to 10 times longer.

CD-R Verifier has been reviewed by Windows 7 Download and got "Editor's Pick" award: http://www.windows7download.com/win7-cd-r-verifier/jrqvtjrf.html.
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bulletCalculates a 32-character signature for the disc
 Signature represents a mathematical calculation of every byte on the disc, including:
  • Volume label
  • Directory structure
  • File contents
bulletSignature can then be saved or compared against other signatures
bulletChanging any single byte on the disc, anywhere, will result in a different signature
bulletSignature mismatches are visually and audibly indicated

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