Sony CD Camera

The Sony digital cameras that use 80 mm CD-R and CD-RW discs to record pictures can have some problems when it comes to trying to recover accidentally deleted pictures or if too many pictures are stored on a disc.  It is also fairly easy to get a disc into a state where it cannot be read by either the camera or a PC.

There are also a few direct-to-DVD camcorders out there as well.  They suffer from the same sort of problems that cause video to be lost even after it has been written to the disc.  Whether it is a trip to another country, a wedding or a child's birthday, these devices will often let you down.

How do you get your pictures or video back when this happens?

CD/DVD Diagnostic™ solves this problem and regains access to your important pictures for you.  CD/DVD Diagnostic also has other important functions that are useful for anyone with a CD-RW drive - if you make CDs, you should have this software.

CD/DVD Diagnostic supports a majority of these discs directly and will extract your video from the unplayable disc.  We have a complete video service as well which can take your unplayable disc and return you a DVD with your important video on it.  Check out the software or contact us for more information.

You can try out this software for free and see if it can locate your lost pictures.  If it can, you will need to purchase it, either from us directly or other software vendors that carry our products.  As with all of our software, there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

Note: if you are having problems accessing pictures on a floppy disk, please check out the Flash Retriever product - it also rescues pictures from Sony Mavica floppy disks.