The files linked from this page are freely downloadable.  If you download the evaluation of CD/DVD Diagnostic and have difficultly recovering your data, please contact us and we can assist you.

CD/DVD Diagnostic (formerly CD-R Diagnostic)
Flash Retriever and Flash Retriever Forensic
CD/DVD Inspector
CD/DVD Structure
Product Documentation
CD-R Verifier



AccuBurn-R Downloads

Click the download button to get the application to process spanned disc archives.  This is a completely free download, but it only works with AccuBurn-R created archives.Download 


CD/DVD Diagnostic Evaluation

  • FREE Evaluation finds lost files...Guaranteed.
  • To access those found files which were previously lost, purchase is required.
  • Evaluation questions? Call 888-759-0600


CD-R Diagnostic

This product is no longer available, and has been updated and replaced by CD/DVD Diagnostic.



Flash Retriever Evaluation 

Consumer version.
Free evaluation: Check if we can access your flash media and recover lost or damaged files.

Forensic version with reporting and multiple media access.
Enter your email address here to download the evaluation:           
The evaluation version is time-limited and does not support copying files from the media but is fully functional in all other respects.


CD/DVD Inspector



CD Structure



Product Documentation

Click below to download the manual PDF file.  Adobe Acrobat is required.  We are building PDFs from Microsoft Word directly which requires Acrobat Reader 6 or later.

Last updated:
AccuBurn-R Sat Apr 29 2023
CD/DVD Diagnostic Sat Apr 29 2023
CD/DVD InspectorSat Apr 29 2023
CD/DVD Inspector version 5Sat Apr 29 2023
Flash Retriever Forensic Edition Sat Aug 05 2023
InfinaDyne Image File FormatSat Apr 29 2023



CD-R Verifier

  • A 30 day evaluation version is available for download
  • Evaluation version is for demonstration purposes only - it does not verify discs.



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