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Vindex™ is a completely new product from InfinaDyne that will transform the way you work.  Wow, I'll bet you have heard that one before, right?  Well, I am going to prove it to you right here on this page.

Vindex is short for "Video Indexer" and that is what it does.  It plays videos at the highest possible frame rate (up to 64 times the normal playing speed) and captures significant changes in the frame considering these to be "scene changes".  The result is a display on the screen of a relatively small number of frame thumbnails showing you the significant action in the video - without having to sit through the entire thing yourself.  It is quite a bit different than simply playing the video at high speed because that involves simply skipping frames and presenting the frames that are played at about 1/30th of a second each.  Easy to miss something that way.  Vindex doesn't miss things like that at all.

Vindex version 1 was a pretty impressive product in itself.  Now, in version 2 we have added video enhancement.  This means that within the context of Vindex itself you can change the brightness and contrast as well as using a sharpening filter and/or a noise reduction filter.  It will do this on any computer but if you happen to have an NVIDIA graphics card, Vindex will make use of its parallel processing capabilities to significantly speed things up.  Vindex version 2 will also process most surveillance video files (H.264 compression) directly.

Vindex version 2 still uses some fairly sophisticated math to notice changes in the video frame-by-frame and applies a trend analysis so as not to miss relatively subtle changes that may not count as a real "scene change".  This is done so as to miss very little and capture a full-resolution still frame for each section of the video that is "significantly different".  The result is a set of frames representing the entire content of the video without having to watch all of it at a slow playback rate.  With the trend analysis it is possible to have very simple controls that do not have to be tuned for each video.

Vindex 2.2 introduces some new capabilities and adds the ability to read surveillance DVR video streams without a NVIDIA GPU.  This release also adds the ability to restrict the area of the frames which are being compared.  This is called Area of Interest or AoI.

So you give Vindex a video and you get a window that looks like the one at the right.  Click on it for a full-size picture.  The source video for this can be viewed here.

For each frame you can individually copy it to the clipboard, print it out or save it as a JPEG picture.  You can also produce reports showing all of the frames.  You can even exclude frames from reports that aren't significant to you but Vindex picked.

Vindex also includes a player - double-click any frame and play the video from that point.  Options are provided to control how far before and after the selected frame is shown.

If you have a lot of videos to process, you can also run them all through in a batch and have reports saved to the same folder as the video files.

Do you think this might save you some time?  We think this is going to make a significant difference in how you work with video.

Vindex has both a 32-bit and 64-bit version to take advantage of the full capabilities of your computer with all 64-bit versions of Windows but still maintain compatibility with 32-bit codecs.

Vindex can be bundled with a compatible NVIDIA graphics card for and additional $50 (plus shipping).  The graphics card has 48 processors and will significantly speed up processing of Vindex.  Vindex can be licensed as either a stand-alone application which is locked to a single computer or with a dongle for use on multiple computers.  The dongle version is not available through the Web purchase.  Contact your reseller or InfinaDyne directly for pricing.


Q. How fast is this really?
A. As much as 60 times normal playback speed.  This means a 1 hour video is processed in about 60 seconds.  Not all videos can be processed at this rate and it does depend on the codec being used.  The fastest you can meaningfully view a video is about 4x without missing stuff and almost any video can be processed faster than that.  Having a NVIDIA GPU will significantly speed up performance of nearly everything.

Q. What does "full resolution" mean?
A The original frame dimensions of the video in pixels.  If the video is saved at 352x240 (CIF, a common surveillance camera resolution), then the still frames will be crystal-clear 352x240 pictures without any tearing, smearing or other artifacts.  The frames displayed are "thumbnails" and can be selected to be 96x96, 150x150 or 200x200.

Q. What sort of video files does Vindex work with?
A. If you have the codec for it, anything.  You can get common packages of codecs for Windows from a large number of web sites that will enable Vindex to play MPEG, MJPEG, MPEG-4, Quicktime, Flash, DivX, XviD and just about anything else you can think of.  If you do not have the codec, there are some links in the help file for Vindex that can assist you in downloading the right package.  With these codec packs you are unlikely to ever encounter a video file that you cannot play and therefore analyze with Vindex.

Q. Does Vindex work with surveillance video?
A. Absolutely, and now with version 2 and an NVIDIA graphics card, Vindex will directly process H.264 surveillance recordings without any additional codec at all.  Version 2.2 removes the requirement for an NVIDIA graphics card.

Q. How many cores does Vindex require?  Will it work on older computers?
A. Vindex can make use of up to 5 cores or processors to process a single video file, but it is constructed in a manner so as to allow it to work on older single-core computers.  With any computer now adding an NVIDIA graphics card will improve performance significantly.  Ask about bundling a compatible graphics card with your software purchase.  Vindex requires at least Windows XP SP 2 to function.

Q. What is the optimum configuration for using Vindex?
A. Vindex is going to work best with at least 2GB of memory and a quad-core processor.  A CPU speed of at least 2Ghz is also recommended.  Vindex has both a 32-bit version and a 64-bit version to take advantage of as much memory as you have on your computer.

More questions?  Contact InfinaDyne by phone or email Support at

Click to play a demonstration of Vindex.

Vindex is fully compatible with 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.  64-bit Windows 7 and Windows 10 are the recommended platforms for this program.

The word "VINDEX" in all forms is claimed as a trademark by CD-ROM Productions LLC.