Training Classes

Training classes in CD & DVD Forensics including the use of CD/DVD Inspector are available.  The format of the class has changed to a virtual class held online.  There are two classes available, a single 4-hour overview and a more in-depth two-session class totaling 8 hours.

The four hour class focuses on some basics of CD and DVD construction and how this applies to persons involved in collecting evidence and forensic examiners that are trying to get every byte from a damaged disc.  An overview of the tools in CD/DVD Inspector is presented in the last hour.

The eight hour class continues with the use of CD/DVD Inspector to examine aspects of discs leading the attendees to a greater familiarity with the use of CD/DVD Inspector in practical cases.

It is suggested that attendees purchase the CD and DVD Forensics book and have delivered to them before either of these sessions.  This book is available worldwide from Amazon.

All sessions assume the attendees are familiar with Windows and have at least some experience with computer forensics.

Virtual sessions can be scheduled with as little as one week notice.  All attendees will be furnished class materials electronically and they may want to print this material out.  The primary format of the sessions are lecture with slides displayed through a shared video display.  For the second session there will be practical exercises that require the use of a computer and supplied materials.

Paul Crowley is the founder of Infinadyne and the author of the book "CD and DVD Forensics".  Paul is also the principal developer of the CD/DVD Inspector product.

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