AccuBurn-R has a built-in diagnostic capability which allows the collection of information about what is happening with the CD or DVD writer.  There are two ways this can be activated, depending on the information required. This information pertains to the current version of AccuBurn-R.  If your version is before 1.2.2 the first step is to download your free update from the Software Update Center.

The easy way to turn on tracing is to:

This will turn on the trace until it is explicitly turned off using the same procedure.

If AccuBurn-R is not starting up properly, the other trace technique is required to collect information:

This will start the program with the trace running.  It is only in effect for this execution of the program and does not need to be turned off.

Important: if you turn the trace on using the Options technique it will stay on until it is turned off again.  This may cause a large number of trace files to be created over time and consume considerable disk space.

Trace files are saved in the “log folder” which is defined in the Options.  By default, this folder is placed as a sub-folder under My Documents and is called AccuBurn-R.  Under different versions of Windows the exact location of the My Documents folders changes but there is generally a shortcut on the desktop for this folder.

Trace files for AccuBurn-R are called “AccuBurn-R” with a number replacing “xxx”.  These files use the first available number, so if there is a .000 file the next one written will be .001.  If there are multiple trace files in the folder, it is generally best to send all of them to InfinaDyne for analysis.

Sending trace files to InfinaDyne: Please email all trace files to the email address support (at) and include the trace files as attachments.  If the files are large or there are a lot of them, please use some archival program such as WinZIP or WinRAR to compress them.