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AccuBurn-R Diagnostic Inspector Verifier

General Questions

Q. What is the situation with these Authorization Codes?

A. For many reasons, InfinaDyne has had to incorporate an electronic license management system into some of our software.  The system selected allows the greatest flexibility for our customers.  After the installation, this system is intended to be transparent..

After product purchase when activation is required, you will receive an Authorization Code from InfinaDyne via email.  This is a “ticket”  allowing you to receive a license to use the product on a single computer.  This ticket is good only once unless reauthorized by InfinaDyne support.  You can obtain the license using the Authorization Code in several  ways. The most convenient of which is the Internet.

Resellers of our products send out authorization codes which are then processed by our server.  If you have a problem with an authorization code - regardless of where you purchased the product originally - please feel free to contact us to resolve the matter.

If you have problems with your Authorization Code, please contact Sales at InfinaDyne.com for assistance.

Q. What are the details of the Money Back Guarantee?

A. All of our software is backed our guarantee.  If you purchase a product from InfinaDyne and are not able to use it, we will - after confirming your difficulties - refund your purchase.  We sometimes need to confirm that the product is not behaving properly to guard against people abusing this policy.  This policy applies to all purchase made directly from InfinaDyne (by telephone) and those made through any "buy" link on this web site.  We are unable to control the policies of other resellers.

Q. Why isn’t this “shareware” or “freeware”?

A. InfinaDyne is a company committed to developing, marketing and supporting software that aids users in the recovery of CD’s.  That continual effort is funded through product sales.  When you call or send email to InfinaDyne someone who's job depends on your getting a correct, accurate answer is dealing with your issue.

We stand behind our products 100%.  Your purchase is backed by some of the most experienced software developers and support staff in the business.

Q. How do I know the products will work?

A. InfinaDyne has been publishing software since 1997 and we have a large number of satisfied customers.  Take a moment and review our Clients page for a sample of who these customers are.  Also, take a look at the reviews that are linked from this page.

Whenever possible, we have made an evaluation version of the software available so you can check out the program on your computer.  An "evaluation version" does not function completely but it should demonstrate that the software is capable of fulfilling your requirements.

Finally, if you have other questions, contact Support at InfinaDyne.com.   

Q. What different ways are there to purchase InfinaDyne software?

A. Please refer to this page which lists all of the merchants that sell our software..

Q. Do you have a Macintosh version?

A. While we are considering producing products for the Macintosh platform, we do not offer them at this time.  Please send requests like this to Sales at InfinaDyne.com so we know you are interested!