Status Light

Remote Display of System Status
 This light shows when the a robotic system is idle, active or needs attention.  It is fully integrated with CD/DVD Inspector and can be placed on any computer connected to the same network as the robotic system.

On TEAC systems it is also integrated with the disc publishing software.  Check out the video.

Rimage sells a light like this that must be attached to their system for $1000.

InfinaDyne price for the status light and accompaning software is $500.

Contact us to place your order today.

This status light can be ordered in two configurations: a 2-meter (6 foot) cable or a 5-meter (15 foot) cable.  Please indicate your selection when ordering.  All status lights have a black base and a black cable.



Compatible with Windows XP SP2 & SP3, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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