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In order to register you must have already purchased software from us - this is not a “shareware registration” page.  If as part of your purchase of InfinaDyne software you received a serial number and not a confirmation code, you need to register your purchase to receive support and updates.

You must have a serial number to continue.  If you purchased a product and did not receive a serial number, please contact our sales department for assistance with your registration.

Your email address is required here because it is used to send you your confirmation code.  It is also used with the confirmation code to download software updates in the future.  We are not collecting this information to "spam" you in the future and all information entered on this form is for registration purposes only - we do not sell this information or allow other organizations access to it.  See our privacy policy for more information.

We ask for your address and phone number as additional identification in the future.  Should you no longer have access to the email address you provide and lose your confirmation code we will have no way to validate your purchase if you do not provide additional information.  There is no requirement to enter any information in these fields.

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