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Flash Retriever Forensic

Forensic professionals are working too hard if they are relying on conventional hard disk oriented forensic tools for flash-based media.  Sure, it is possible to recover files using the unallocated space and a data carving tool.  Absolutely, with a hex sector display you can stitch together a file from the FAT table by hand.  But in today's world almost any case is going to have some kind of flash-based media: USB thumb drive, camera card, phone card, MP3 player, etc.
So why are you working so hard?

Flash Retriever Forensic Edition is a professional tool for examining, recovering and documenting flash-based media.  Regardless of what sort of device it plugs into, Flash Retriever Forensic Edition is the tool you need.

There are many consumer-oriented flash recovery products, including one from InfinaDyne.  If you don't need professional features, the consumer version will rescue files quickly and easily with an easy-to-use step-by-step user interface.  But if you are a professional user you need the expanded capabilities of the Forensic Edition.

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The evaluation version is time-limited and does not support copying files from the media but is fully functional in all other respects.

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Flash Retriever Forensic Edition

Flash Retriever Forensic Edition is fully compatible with Windows XP SP2 & SP3, Vista, Windows 7 and 8.

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