Disc Classify

Quickly determine potential evidence discs in the field
20-30 seconds per disc!


Disc Classify has been released.  We want to thank all of the early purchasers of this product.

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The function of this product is to quickly determine a particular disc is:

The purpose of this is to allow a person in the field to be able to sort discs to remove those that do not possibly contain evidence from collection.  This is done in 20-30 seconds per disc and can be done using any laptop computer with a CD/DVD writer in it.

It is based on CD/DVD Inspector but does not completely examine a disc (which would take a lot longer to do) but collects just enough information to ascertain what the disc is.  The display (shown above) is intended to convey if the disc is safe to ignore (Green band) or potentially contains evidence (Red band).

This is not a tool for collecting evidence from discs - no information other than the display is available.  No reporting, no collection of files. nothing more than the display.  Yes, it is based on CD/DVD Inspector and will contain a substantial amount of that program.  However, in order to release it a the price we are expecting to, the capabilities of CD/DVD Inspector will not be available.

A version of this tool may be made available with a Primera Bravo robotic disc system.  This would process up to 50 discs at a time unattended at the maximum speed possible.  Potential evidence discs will be separated from other discs.  Would you be interested in such a package?  If so, please let us know via email.

Check out the manual for this product.

Disc Classify is compatible with Windows XP SP2 through Windows 8.