CSS and Infinadyne Products

InfinaDyne has a strong stance against misuse of intellectual property, including software and content that is sold.  A ruling by the 9th District Federal Court recently clearly identified software products that defeat CSS protection as being in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

InfinaDyne products have never bypassed CSS protection on DVD movie discs and such technology will not be made available to the general user community by InfinaDyne.  Law enforcement officers and government employees should contact InfinaDyne for more information about optional upgrades to enable this capability.

If you purchased an InfinaDyne product because of a need to copy or back up a DVD movie disc, please contact InfinaDyne sales so that we can arrange a prompt refund.

CD X Rescue and DVD X Rescue Products

InfinaDyne previously supplied the technology for these products.  As of August 1st, 2004 321 Studios ceased operations and any further sales of these products is now illegal and a violation of US law and international conventions.  If you purchase one of these products, be aware that neither 321 Studios or InfinaDyne can provide any support for you.  If you were promised support for DVD X Rescue for a recently purchased product, you were misled and should have your purchase refunded.  We do not have any support arrangements with any vendor, merchant or dealer to support DVD X Rescue.

If you purchased one of these products before August 1st, 2004 we regret that we cannot provide support in place of 321 Studios.