CD and DVD Forensics
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Book cover, 2nd editionFor those of you interested, the second edition of the book CD and DVD Forensics is going to be available soon. This book will be available on Amazon in printed form and will likely be available in PDF form as well, as soon as the logistics are figured out. The proposed cover art for this book is shown at the right. This will probably be changed as time goes on. The book is expected to be released in May 2015.

CD and DVD Forensics takes the reader through all facets of handling, examining, and processing optical media: CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.  At a time when data forensics is becoming a major part of law enforcement and prosecution in the public sector, as well as corporate and system security and integrity in the private sector, the interest in this subject has just begun to blossom.

CD and DVD Forensics is a how-to book that gives the reader tools to open optical discs in an effort to identify evidence of a crime. These tools can be applied in both the public and private sectors. Armed with this information, readers in law enforcement and corporate security and private investigators will be more effective in performing their evidence-related tasks. The book is divided into four basic parts:

This book goes into considerable detail about how CD and DVD technology works so that the forensic examiner can understand how data is stored and what is involved in dealing with discs that are difficult or nearly impossible to obtain evidence from.  Even if you are not using CD/DVD Inspector this book will be of considerable value to you.

Download the Table of Contents for the new book to see what is in there.

The first chapter will be posted soon.