CD/DVD Inspector Screens

CD/DVD Inspector

The following displays were taken from CD/DVD Inspector examining a data disc.

Disc Readability Test Results 

The CD/DVD Inspector Readability Test offers a graphic display of the disc testing.  The disc tested in the above example is on a CAV CD-RW drive and the curve from 12X to 24X is quite smooth.  This indicates the absence of any sort of difficulties with the disc.  Additionally, the same numeric information as CD/DVD Diagnostic displays is available.

Map of Disc Utilization 

The Map of Disc Utilitization shows how the area of the disc is used with different colors representing different types of usage.  The exact sector number can be shown by clicking on any part of the display.


Sector Display 

Unlike the CD/DVD Diagnostic sector display, with CD/DVD Inspector the display can be resized.  The Search button opens the search dialog to locate data.  This searches “raw” sectors and will find data anywhere on a disc.

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