Release Information

Here is a summary of the changes to CD/DVD Inspector with the different release versions.  Discounted upgrades from previous versions are available - contact InfinaDyne for more information.

Version 6 is a complete rebuild of the product utilizing current Microsoft compiler technology.  It also is a departure from using the WIBUKey dongle in favor of serialized USB devices.

New features in CD/DVD Inspector 5.0 are:

New features in CD/DVD Inspector 4.1 are:

New features in CD/DVD Inspector 4.0 are:

For 4.0 there have also been significant improvements in Robotic Loader support.  With a camera multiple drives can be used to process discs on some hardware.  An HTML report is now available which can show image thumbnails from discs processed.

New features in CD/DVD Inspector 3.0 are:

For the 3.0 release there are also changes for the Robotic Loader.  Specifically, the new image file support extends to the Robotic Loader so the entire content of the disc can be saved in this manner.  InfinaDyne is working with other forensic software companies to allow the image file format to be supported in other tools as well.  We expect support in EnCase 6.0 to be available by Q3 2007.  This will enable CD/DVD Inspector to be able to be used to collect evidence to be used with these other tools.

The Robotic Loader support also has a timeout feature now to automatically bypass discs that are going to require considerable time to be processed and a "Stop" button to quickly terminate activity with the loader system.