Users today want the ability to make CD’s without problems or trouble,  to make them reliably, and accurately.  Most CD recording programs provide unnecessary options to adjust disc content and format.  As a result, these options (which most people don’t use or need) create writing reliably and accuracy problems! 

With relaxed standards, the real possibility for CD data failure exists. AccuBurn-R ensures that media defects will not adversely affect data accuracy as it does with other recording software.  And, it provides  greater immunity from dirt, scratches and other factors that cause recording problems.

“Layout” Architecture

Accuburn-R burns layouts.  A layout is the container for  files and folders to be written to a CD.  Layouts to AccuBurn-R are synonymous to a Document in Word.  They are created by using “Drag and Drop” file selection interface. When a folder is dragged to a layout, this includes the files in the folder and (optionally) subfolders.

Drag-and-Drop File Selection

AccuBurn-R displays a selection of folders within the application.  AccuBurn-R supports specifying folders to be copied to the disc, as well as specifying individual files.  Files in these folders when the disc is written are included.  This is different from other mastering software which specifies only individual files.  So creating a layout of folders writes all the content of these folders to disc.   Daily or weekly backups are then possible with a saved layout.

AccuBurn-R also accepts files dropped from other sources.  This provides the ability to introduce specific files into a  layout by dragging them from any Explorer window. 

There are no network restrictions for AccuBurn-R.  Files existing anywhere on a computer network can be written to a CD.

Reliable Writing

AccuBurn-R reads file data and creates a “data block” which is then written to the disc.  The data block is verified that it has been written correctly on the disc.  Any errors are immediately corrected by rewriting the necessary portions of the data block.  Other software which verifies writing does so by indicating the disc is bad, but does not correct the errors.

To increase reliability further, the disc directory is written last.  Other software writes the directory first, then copies the files.  This is problematic for the following reasons:

By writing the directory last, the disc is unreadable should failure occur as the disc is not complete.  You know immediately that the disc is blank.

Most incomplete disc problems occur as a result of buffer underruns.  AccuBurn-R is not susceptible to these problems, because it writes the disc a data block at a time.  This eliminates all buffer underrun problems, without requiring BURN-Proof hardware.

Discs are written using ISO-9660 Level 3 and up to 220 character file names can be used.

Spanned (Multiple) Disc Output

AccuBurn-R accepts layouts that require more than a single disc, unlike other software..  This enables you  to copy entire folders to CD without regard as to how they will fit on a single disc.  Other software requires you to manually arrange files, so that each group of files fits on a single CD.  This is a very time consuming process, which may take hours.  This would be similar to putting together a jigsaw puzzle.  AccuBurn-R enables you to drag a folder (regardless of size), and burn as many discs as required.

When AccuBurn-R creates spanned discs, each is independent and can be used without the others. Should one be damaged or lost, the remainder is usable.  With competitive software, damage or loss of a disc results in the entire set of discs being lost.

Depending on user preference, the files can be arranged across spanned discs in several ways

An Index of the files on the discs can be printed for reference.

Drive Compatibility

AccuBurn-R supports most drives immediately.  AccuBurn-R “learns” about drives automatically from the drive itself.  Unlike other software, predefined information about the drive is not needed.

This “learning” technique means that AccuBurn-R works effectively on hardware regardless of how new the drive.   It also eliminates the need for software updates, unlike other software.

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