CD Structure

What happens when a duplicated or manufactured disc fails?  More than half the time it will somehow be the duplicators fault, regardless of the disc having been stamped or simply copied onto CD-R media.  Simply rerunning the job is not a solution.  The disc must be "reworked", often by the duplicator.  This means increased costs, time and staff resources.

Discs with logical defects in the file system can produce unpredictable failures - they work fine on some computers and not at all on others.  Testing the contents of a disc with a simple binary comparison does not test the file system to see if it is properly constructed.

Wouldn't it be better to catch this problem before it is a problem to be solved and when it can generate additional revenue?

CD Structure can do this for you.

CD Structure screen shotCD Structure checks the contents of a CD or DVD against standards to insure successful duplication.  The ISO-9660 standard with XA, Joliet and Rock Ridge extensions must be complied with for a disc to be able to be used in all environments.  Much of the mastering software that is available today does not comply with these standards and when this is used there can be difficulties with duplicated discs.

CD Structure does not require a dedicated computer or special hardware to function.  It can be used with equipment you already have.


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Is CD Structure the right tool for you?  If you are involved in the replication of discs, either for customers or internally, you will find CD Structure is a cost-effective tool that will start saving you money from the first time you use it.

A trial version of CD Structure is available from Infinadyne upon request.  The trial is good for 30 days from time of installation and all reports are clearly marked that it is an unlicensed evaluation copy.

The price for CD Structure depends on a number of factors and can be licensed on either a permanent or annual basis.  Please contact Infinadyne for a quote for your business.


While CD Structure is an easy to use program and will clearly identify problems, this can be a complex issue.  A training class is available at a discounted price to all CD Structure customers which will give you the knowledge and tools to understand issues pointed out by CD Structure.  These training classes are held periodically in various locations.  Contact Infinadyne sales for more information about the availability of classes.