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AccuBurn-R for CD/DVD Inspector

You have a disc that has just been imaged and examined.  It has significant material on it and for discovery purposes must be shared with opposing counsel.  Whatever your process today is for copying such discs, you will find discs that simply cannot be copied.  Either the disc cannot be read by your copying system or the copy that is produced is obviously not correct.  Forensic examiners are faced with this problem every day and until AccuBurn-R for CD/DVD Inspector there was no simple solution.

This product, when used in conjunction with CD/DVD Inspector provides the ability to produce a copy of any disc quickly and accurately.  Examples of difficult to copy discs:

Once such a disc has been imaged using CD/DVD Inspector, it can be reproduced from the image file by this product.  In most cases the copy will have the same MD5 hash value as the original - the one common exception to this is unfinalized drag-and-drop discs on write-once media.  InfinaDyne technical staff is available to assist with this product and to resolve any questions about the nature of discs produced using this product.


AccuBurn-R for CD/DVD Inspector requires:

This product is an add-on for CD/DVD Inspector and does not provide any real benefits above the consumer product without being used in conjunction with the CD/DVD Inspector product.

Technical Note

AccuBurn-R for CD/DVD Inspector writes discs using DAO "raw" mode to write P, Q and R-W subchannels to CDs.  This is significantly different from how most disc copy software and hardware works and produces identical discs even under circumstances where discs cannot ordinarily be copied accurately.

When copying DVD disc images it is recommended to use write-once media of the same type (+ or -) rather than write to rewritable discs.